Premium Red Chili Paste, Gochujang with 100% Korean Ingredients By Chung-Jung-One

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Superior in taste and quality
Made with top quality ingredients
All ingredients produced in Korea

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Chung Jung One 100% Guksan Gochujang is premium red chili paste made with top quality ingredients. In contains absolutely no fillers or chemical preservatives. If you compare the ingredient composition of this gochujang with the one of regular gochujang, you will see a big percentage increase in the amounts of red chili flakes and rice in this one. Although the English translation of ingredients on the packaging notes corn syrup as one of the ingredients, in the original ingredient list in Korean you can see it’s actually jo-chung which is a syrup made with rice without processing, not corn syrup. We have personally confirmed this fact with the manufacturer in Korea and now in the process of requesting an update of the English transition. However, the manufacture does not guarantee that there is absolutely no trace of corn-based ingredients since this product is manufactured in the same facility as other types of gochujang.

Another big differentiator of this product is that all ingredients in this product are produced in Korea. Koreans are very conscious of where ingredients are produced because some imported ingredients can be poor in quality and the production standards are unknown. In general, Korean-produced and manufactured ingredients and products are higher in quality and production standards (which make them more costly).

Chung Jung One also boasts about their chili peppers being produced in a specific region of Korea, Soon Chang. Soon Chang is an artisan town specializing in traditional Korean seasonings and pastes. You can definitely taste the pure flavors of chili pepper, and it has a nice finishing taste which gochujang with fillers doesn’t have.
Superior in taste and quality
Made with top quality ingredients
All ingredients produced in Korea
No corn syrup, fillers or chemical preservatives
Great for all spicy Korean dishes and dipping sauces

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