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The Best American BBQ Is in South Korea (No, Seriously)

The Best American BBQ Is in South Korea (No, Seriously)

The owner of Seoul’s Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue brings Southern cooking across the Pacific.

When Linus Kim was growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, home-cooked meals often meant Korean food. The only problem? Finding the right ingredients for traditional dishes in the middle of the Deep South.

“I like Korean food now,” says Kim, “but it kind of sucked as a kid. I wanted French fries, peas, carrots, steak, and everything covered in ketchup.”

Kim’s palate didn’t explode until he was seven and discovered his “first love”: pulled pork. “I wouldn’t finish anything on my plate until that day,” he says. “I licked the sauce right off the Styrofoam packaging.”

Nowadays, Koreans are doing the same thing at Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue, one of several red-blooded American restaurants in Seoul. The buzzworthy venture started as a monthly pop-up in 2012, and as word spread from a small Facebook group to a growing mix of expats and locals, Kim left his jobs in TV production and event promotion for a career in slow-cooked meat.

“It was pure

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