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13 Mouthwatering Korean Foods You Need To Try

13 Mouthwatering Korean Foods You Need To Try

Korean food is a gift from God Himself.

Korean food is starting to get more and more recognition for being the delicious gift to the culinary world. Even in my small town, Korean restaurants and chains are popping up, and it’s glorious. The food is often healthy and colorful, and many dishes are naturally gluten free (the only stumbling block to this is soy sauce, if you happen to be on a very strict gluten free diet).

Whether you are new to this cuisine or you’re simply searching for new dishes to try, I’ve compiled a list of mouthwatering Korean foods (including some desserts at the end), that are great for first-timers and seasoned eaters alike.

1. Bulgogi

Bulgogi is thinly-sliced marinated beef. Some restaurants let you grill it at the table. It’s usually eaten wrapped in lettuce along with rice and sauce, and is a safe bet for beginners. It’s tender and has a lot of familiar flavors — soy sauce, garlic and green onion are some ingredients of the marinade that are readily recognizable to anyone.

2. Bulgogi Hot Pot

This is a stew made using the bulgogi. It’s rich and flavorful, containing the meat, glass noodles (which are naturally gluten free) and an assortment of vegetables. The vegetables might differ depending on where you get it, but usually it’ll have carrots, mushrooms, green onions and sometimes bell peppers. It’s rich, savory and all-around delicious.

3. Grilled Mackerel

Okay, so I realize that this isn’t the prettiest meal you’ll ever eat, but you can’t cheat. For the full experience, you need to eat the whole fish. Sometimes (especially if you eat it in America) the head will be removed for you, but the tail and skin will remain. It’s semi-cheating in my book, but I’ll let it slide. The fish meat falls off the bones; it’s tender, moist and wonderfully salty.

4. Chicken Ginseng Soup

This is a very traditional and incredibly flavorful dish. Come hungry if you want to eat this, though, because each soup comes with an entire cornish hen. The chicken is stuffed with ginseng, rice, garlic and jujube. Even though it’s a hot dish, it’s traditionally eaten in the summer because of the idea that the temperature inside your body needs to be raised to meet the temperature outside. It’s also incredibly healthy, as ginseng has a multitude of health…..