About Us

Korean BBQ Shop is the definitive store for anything and everything Korean BBQ. Over the past 4-5 years Korean BBQ has seen an explosion in popularity and I have seen patrons of many of my favorite Korean restaurants become increasingly diverse.  Born in South Korea, I have been enjoying my culture’s cuisine for over 35 years and I wanted to create Korean BBQ Shop to make Korean food more accessible. Korean BBQ Shop  can help you find the necessary equipment and ingredients to begin your Korean culinary adventure at home.

I have searched the internet to bring you entertaining and informative articles about Korean BBQ and delicious recipes to make your dinner a success. A special thanks to Maangchi for allowing us to share many of her delicious recipes and videos, you will not be disappointed. In addition check out her wonderful cookbook.

Most of the items on our site are not sold by us directly. We do receive a small commission for product referral. You can add items to your cart and during checkout you will be directed to Amazon.com to complete your purchase.  You will be able to utilize your Amazon prime account for first class customer service and discounts on shipping for many of our items. We do sell some restaurant grade Korean grills and tables directly from our website and if selected those items will have a separate checkout process.

Our goal is to educate and help you recreate the unique dining experience that is Korean BBQ!