Doenjang pork skewers

Doenjang pork skewers

Maekjeok 맥적

These savory pork skewers are a delicious alternative to classic bulgogi and perfect for meat eaters of all ages and tastes. They will especially be appreciated by guests who don’t like spicy food.

It’s best to cook them over an open flame or BBQ if you can. If you’re like me and cooking indoors, you can first cook them on the grill and then lightly char them over any kind of open flame.

This recipe is very very old. It comes from my Korean ancestors who were nomads in the Maek tribe in the Goguryo kingdom (BC 37-668). This is their ancient meat dish: “jeok” means “barbecued meat skewers” in English. Many people believe maekjeok is the forerunner to today’s bulgogi because it calls for the meat to be pre-marinated, like bulgogi. This was long before there were any chili peppers in Korea, so the marinade was made with ganjang (soup soy sauce), doenjang (fermented soybean paste), and garlic.

Recipe Directions