Pork Belly – Samgyeopsal

Pork Belly – Samgyeopsal

The king of pork cuts is Samgyeopsal, pork belly. This is by far the most popular pork cut and considered the quientessential Korean BBQ. There are three different types:

Samgyeopsal – three layered pork belly

Ogyepsal – five layered pork belly

Saenggui – fresh grilled pork belly

Depending on the place, these three cuts are essentially the same as they are all pork belly cuts. The main difference is that Ogyepsal and Saenggui include the pig skin, hence the extra layers. We recommend Samgyepsal, but if they only serve the others do no hesitate to try. The layers are created from tiers of fat and the taste is rich. Cuts may also vary in thickness.

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